Thomas Takes Quinn's Load

Duration: 1min 03sec Views: 50 Submitted: 6 months ago
Description: Quinn’s versatility to any role and position has helped him stand out as a performer and earned him a pretty large and loyal fan base here at CF. Although Thomas is still pretty green to guy-on-guy sex, he’s quickly proving himself a capable versatile lover. One thing both these men share is a fascination and passion for pleasure - in every way it comes! They’re also really fun to look at. Although he’s sporting a 5 o’clock shadow now, Quinn is usually a pretty clean-cut and fairly hairless guy, whereas Thomas loves and flaunts his natural hair. With good reason too - he carries it well! Even with slightly different looks, they both boast muscular, tight bodies, a pair of impressive cocks - and the knowledge and natural drive on how just to use them! Here we see Quinn use his veteran skills to teach Thomas a few new tricks and lessons that leaves him in a lust-induced, cock-crazed daze!
Sponsored by: Corbin Fisher
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